The #1 Invisible Tread For Enamel, Porcelain & Ceramic Bathtubs

Avoid slipping and falling in bath and shower
For ceramic and porcelain surfaces
Easy and fast to use, works instantly!

No More Slipping or Falling


No Slip Bathtub is a revolutionary bathroom safety product for ceramic tubs and tile shower floors that helps prevent slips and falls.

Recent Reviews


"Just wanted to let you know I'm very happy No Slip bathtub I'm almost tempted and I shouldn't say this II probably even will go ahead and share it with my friends on Facebook because I know it works and I know a lot of people that do have walk in showers that are concerned about slips and falls."

Gail H.

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"I have my grandchildren over all of the time and they use the tub in our second bathroom. I love the ease of install and the security knowing their feet and hands are secure with better traction. My adult children are now using the product for their homes."

Eric S.

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No More Slip or Fall Accidents

Our No Slip Bathtub treatment minimizes the danger of slip injuries in bath tubs and showers by increasing the slip-resistance on wet porcelain tubs and tiled shower floors. It creates an “invisible tread” on hard mineral surfaces such as porcelain or enamel tubs, enamel glazed bathtubs, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, and more.


The application takes 10 minutes to apply and lasts for 2 years.

No Slip Bathtub dramatically increases the coefficient of friction, which means your treated tub is safer in a wet condition than a dry untreated surface.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing  yourself, children or elderly parents will be safer with No Slip Bathtub.